Pokemon Snap 3 Needs These Things To Become The Best Yet

Pokemon Snap 3 is one of the most asked-for games by Pokemon fans, with a sequel hopefully on the horizon for the Nintendo Switch.

New Pokemon Snap has been out for two-years now, and it looks like Nintendo are done with the game.

With one DLC pack released, it looks as though support for the sequel to the 1999 N64 game has finally come to an end.

With 2.4 million copies sold, it would be hard to call New Pokemon Snap anything other than a success. It seems certain that Nintendo would build upon the franchise and release a third Pokemon Snap game.

Pokemon Snap 3 will need to add more features to make it stand out from its predecessors. We here at NGamer have played both Pokemon Snap and New Pokemon Snap extensively, and will give our view on the new featured Pokemon Snap 3 needs to become a huge success.

(The game could be called New Pokemon Snap 2, which makes no sense. However, you can never trust Nintendo).

More Evolutions

The one thing missing from New Pokemon Snap that needs to be added is evolutions.

Evolving is a key part of Pokemon – watching Pokemon grow and evolve into something bigger, faster and stronger.

This was one of the most fun parts of the original game. Hitting Charmeleon into the lava made it evolve into Charizard, or feeding enough Pester Balls to Grimer turned it into the larger, more disgusting, Muk.

These were mysteriously absent from New Pokemon Snap, with players unable to make any wild Pokemon evolve.

Adding evolution would be my biggest wish for Pokemon Snap 3, and go some way to making the sequel even better than the first two installments.

Legendary Bosses

The “boss levels” in New Pokemon Snap were a fantastic idea, although Nintendo could go even further for Pokemon Snap 3.

While the use of Pokemon like Magenium and Steelix made for fine bosses, the level would have had more impact with some high-value legendaries.

Adding boss levels that see the player complete a series of challengers/actions to coax a legendary Pokemon, like Suicune or Giratina, out of hiding would be a much more satisfying and challenging boss fight.

It could also take place in some unique locations. Players could transport to the Distortion World to snap a glimpse of Giratina, or even travel in time to the forest from “Pokemon 4 Ever” to take photos of the legendary Suicune.

These classic locations could be a key part of Pokemon Snap 3, and encompass the next point.

Classic Locations

Nostalgia is one hell of a drug, and a for fans of a sequel to a 20-year-old game, is almost required.

Adding some classic locations to the already immense game could go a long way to snagging some lapsed fans into buying Pokemon Snap 3.

Revisiting key areas from the first game, with updated graphics and mechanics, would be a treat.

Maybe the Pikachu in the Beach level have now evolved into Raichu, or the Metapod in River are now a flock of Butterfly? The possibilities are endless.

They could even visit other locations in the Pokemon world, from other games in the series. A tour of Kanto or Johto to snap photos would be a fantastic addition to the series, and bring players right back to their childhoods.

One bold suggesting would be one map, containing ever course from the original game (minus Rainbow Cloud, for obvious reasons), in one consecutive loop. For this to work, we must go on to the next point.

Bigger Maps

This one is a simple one. I’m not saying make it open world (that would kill the entire point of the game), but making the maps longer would definitely add more replayability to the game.

Giving players more Pokemon to photograph, and a longer map with more pathways to explore, would make the world feel more open while still confined to the on-rails gameplay.

New Pokemon Snap vastly increased the size and scope of its’ maps over the original, and I expect Pokemon Snap 3 to do it even more, whether on the Nintendo Switch or the next console.

More Creative Photo Opportunities

We all remember the feeling when we first saw Pigeot swoop down, catching a flailing Magikarp in its talons and flying away.

This incredible snap featured a number of things you needed to do, and awarded fans with a fantastic photo opportunity because of it.

Pokemon Snap 3 needs exactly that. More intricate and rewarded set pieces to goad players into taking some exciting photos!

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