Banjo Tooie Coming To Nintendo Switch, Leaker Reveals

The much-beloved Banjo Tooie looks set to be coming to Nintendo Switch, according to a series of leaks.

The Nintendo 64 title was the sequel to 1997’s Banjo Kazooie, a fun tale about a bear and a bird on a mission to save Banjo’s sister from the evil Witch, Gruntilda.

It was so successful that it spawned a sequel. 2000’s Banjo Tooie took the first game and simply added more. Bigger levels, more elaborate set pieces and more stuff to collect, it was every Kazooie fan’s perfect sequel.

Nintendo added Banjo Kazooie to their Nintendo Switch Online catalog in 2021, something that was predicted by the famed leaker Zippo.

However, Banjo Tooie has not yet been added to Nintendo Switch Online, being one of the biggest titles missing from the service.

Zippo has gone on to leak multiple other video game titles that came true, including a number of Nintendo Direct reveals and the release of Paper Mario and The Origami King.

In a leak, Zippo revealed that Banjo Tooie was coming to Nintendo Switch, alongside a number of other Rare titles, like Diddy King Racing and Goldeneye.

So yes, I’ve heard that in addition to Banjo-Kazooie, Diddy Kong Racing, Killer Instinct and it’s sequel are also being planned for the service, in the near future with the strong possibility of more Rare games. Nintendo and Microsoft’s strong partnership is something that will continue, and that’s something to be very excited about.

Zippo on the Banjoe Tooie Nintendo Switch release

Goldeneye has already been added to the library, adding to the legitimacy of the claim. This could see Banjo Tooie added to Nintendo Switch Online in 2023, giving new fans and old the chance to play this N64 classic on Nintendo Switch.

Despite the huge popularity of both Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie, it appears that the entire Banjo series in now dead – according to the developers who made the games.

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