New Pokemon Snap Needs This DLC In 2023 To Make The Game Even Better

Nintendo have already brought one free DLC to New Pokemon Snap, adding three new courses and 20 new Pokemon to the game.

However, these new courses were added in 2022 and it is over a year and a half since there has been any hint of new DLC for the Pokemon Snap franchise.

With fans crying out for anything – even paid DLC – to add to the New Pokemon Snap experience, 2023 could be the time when seven new courses could make it the best Nintendo Switch game Pokemon fans could ever want.

New Pokemon Snap DLC 2023

There is only one thing that Nintendo could add to the New Pokemon Snap DLC to bring even more fans back to the game in 2023 – classic courses.

Nostalgia is a powerful force, and bringing the fans back to their childhood is the perfect way to make even more money off of the latest addition into the Pokemon Snap franchise.

With the addition of the N64 classic Pokemon Snap onto the Nintendo Switch, fans have had the chance to re-visit Pokemon Island, alongside Professor Oak.

The only thing better than that would be a remastered, reimagined version of the seven famous courses, with brand-new graphics on the Nintendo Switch.

Courses like Beach, Volcano and Cave are some of the most iconic in the original game. They gave fans the chance to see their favorite Pokemon in three-dimensions for the first time, bringing the franchise to life.

However, the original Pokemon Snap lacked some key features from the current game, and adding the courses as DLC into New Pokemon Snap would make for a perfect addition in 2023.

The addition of features, such as the four-star system for ranking photos, would add a new spin to these classic courses.

New Pokemon Snap’s potential 2023 DLC could see the Legendary Birds return to the series, for the first time in over two decades.

New Pokemon could also be added to the game that were previously in the N64 version, such as the Legendary Birds (Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos), Syther or even Electabuzz.

Evolution is another key thing that should be added. In New Pokemon Snap, evolution is not something that is shown on screen, nor controlled by the player.

This is not the case in the original. With the addition of the classic Pokemon Snap DLC in 2023, players could see Pokemon like Charmeleon evolve into Charizard, or Magikarp scaling a waterfall to transform into Gyarados.

These would make the game infinitely better, and help get players old and new hooked on Pokemon Snap once again, two years after the game first came out.

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